As a professional Europe-orientation garment supplier, RGS (CHINA)GARMENTS CO., LTD. was established in 2001 in Hangzhou,one ofthe most fashionable cities in China.

With its abundant equipment,excellent managing and fine service,RGS has been serving increasing clients of Europe,mainly of Italy, such as high quality costume brands marts but also influential wholesalers in Italy, Germany, France and other European countries. Also,each year, according to fashion’s trend,RGS helps carrying out new styles that are designed originally by Italian cooperators,and makes them charming productions in fashion market.

As the increasing demand of fashion individuation in target market,RGS upgrades criteria continually to meet the needs of it. RGS FACTORY & SAMPLING CENTRE was built up in 2003. It is a multifunctional technique and manufacturing center with 3000 square meters and abundant equipments,including the advanced sewing machines,CAD plate-making progress and automatic costume-cutting system. This sampling center also fits out a comprehensive cloth and accessory warehouse (1000 square-meters). Several senior pattern markers are in charge of sampling and technique support so as to guarantee fast pattern making. 40 skillful workers can do garment-making independently, and do some high-quality small orders cooperatively. Besides,the other obligatory procedures as checking and packing are provided.

Furthermore, RGS has closed connections with 40 clothing factories specialized in different items in Zhejiang province. Our professional customer service team is dealing with order following and quality controlling. We focus on staffs’ craftsmanship and skills training,and logical assignment and responsibility system management so as to guarantee order’s quality and delivery in good effect and meet the clients’ offer and delivery requests.

In connection with sales samples and production styles, RGS can finish up around 800 styles per year which are mainly concentrated in woven garments, including down jackets, polyester jackets, trousers, shirts and wool coats, etc.. RGS introduces new cloth and garment samples every year towards Italian,French and German market in goal.

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